Our portfolio of onshore wind turbines feature rated capacities from 1.7 MW to 3.8 MW. We are uniquely suited to meet the needs of a broad range of wind regimes.

Turbine Model Hub Height Tip Height Frequency
1.7-103 80m, 96m 130m, 131.5m, 146m 50Hz 
1.85-82.5 65m (50Hz only), 80m 106.25m, 121.25m 50Hz
1.85-87 80m 123.5m 50Hz 
2.0-2.4 Platform 80m, 94m 132.2m, 146.2m 50Hz & 60Hz
2.75-120 85m, 98.3m, 110m, 139m 145m, 158.3m, 170m, 199m 50Hz & 60Hz
3.2-103 75m, 85m, 98.3m 126.5m, 136.5m, 150m 50Hz
3.2-3.8 Platform 85m, 110m, 131m, 134m, 164.5m 150m, 175m, 178.5m, 199.5m, 
229.5m, 233m
50Hz & 60Hz
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