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  • Up to 48% net capacity factor for ECO 110 and ECO 122 wind turbines
  • 9,000 tons of CO2 saved by using one ECO 100 wind turbine

ECO 100 Wind Turbine Platform

The electricity generated by a single ECO 100 wind turbine meets the power needs of 2,000 average European households and avoids the production of 9,000 tons of CO2 a year.

Makes the most of onshore wind resources

The ECO 100 range of wind turbines offers high yield and leading efficiency across all wind classes, as well as optimized energy production and lower cost of electricity thanks to PowerOf3*.

These large wind turbines – the ECO 100 has a swept area larger than an Airbus A380 – are the answer for projects that require both high energy yield and high reliability from the wind turbines.

The ECO 100 Platform

The ECO 100 platform is an extensively proven platform with over 1,752,000 cumulated operating hours (or the equivalent of 200 operating years) as of December 2013 and more than 2,000 MW installed or under construction worldwide as of January 2014.

ECO 100 wind turbine

The high wind (IEC Class I-A) ECO 100 3 MW wind turbine has one of the leading capacity factors for turbines in this wind class.

ECO 110 wind turbine

The medium wind (IEC Class II-A, I-S) ECO 110 3 MW wind turbine has one of the largest rotors available for class II-A and class I-S sites to optimize the energy yield of the turbine.

ECO 122 wind turbine

The medium and low wind (IEC Class III-A, II-B) 2.7/3.0 MW onshore ECO 122 wind turbine combines high power and high capacity factor to boost energy yield in low and medium wind regions worldwide.

At a wind speed of 7.5 m/s the turbine delivers a net wind farm capacity factor up to 42%, equivalent to 3,600 full-load hours each year.

Its 122-meter rotor diameter and swept area of 11,700m2 – one of the largest in the 2 MW to 3 MW turbine segment – increase the harvest of energy and the return on investment to create new business opportunities for customers from low wind sites.

PowerOf3*: one product, three rotor diameters, optimized output

This innovative concept allows project developers to combine two or three wind turbines of the ECO 100 range (ECO 100, ECO 110 and ECO 122) within the same site, according to the specific wind conditions found in the different positions of the wind farm.

This approach ultimately increases the capacity factor of the project by up to 20%:

  • Applicable to three wind classes
  • Optimize the cost of energy
  • Increase the Annual Energy Production of the wind farm, increasing its capacity factor by up to 20%
  • Common spare parts, standardized operation and maintenance procedures for the whole site thanks to product platforming lower cost of energy

Tower Range

Because wind speed increases with height, taller towers allow turbines to capture more energy.

GE develops higher hybrid and full concrete wind turbine towers for the ECO 122 2.7 MW - 3 MW in full steel, full concrete and hybrid, allows to target more complex environments with competitive costs and lead-time, in accordance with local conditions, health and safety specifications, and to our client’s complete satisfaction.

About the ECO 100 Wind Turbine Platform

Hub Heights 75m, 90m, 89m, 90m, 100m, 119m & 139m
Tip Height N/A
Noise N/A
Frequency 50Hz & 60Hz
Blades 48.7m, 53.2m & 59.3m
Technology Alstom Pure Torque Technology, Electrical yaw and pitch control