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  • Offers 16% increase in AEP over the 2.5-120
  • Ideal for tip-height constrained sites
  • Optional integrated battery storage
  • 103 meter rotor

GE's 3.2-103*

*also available as 2.85-103 and 2.85-103 Extreme. 

The GE 3.2-103 brilliant wind turbine can generate a substantial amount of energy for medium-to-high wind speed sites. Building upon the remarkable performance of the 2.5-2.85 MW fleet, our 3.2-103 turbine provides up to a 5% increase in energy output, while still featuring the same reliability as the 2.85-103. Towers for hub heights range from 70 to 98 meters, which means the 3.2-103 can help wind developers generate more AEP, even in sites that may be constrained by tip height.

The 3.2-103 is part of our brilliant turbine portfolio, and uses the power of the Industrial Internet to help manage the variability of wind and provide smooth, predictable power. By analyzing tens of thousands of data points every second, the 3.2-103 has the capability to integrate energy storage and advanced forecasting algorithms.

Technical Drawing of 3.2-103

About the 3.2-103 Wind Turbine

Class: IECIIb
Hub Heights 98m, 75m, 85m
Tip Height 175m, 199m, 225m
Noise 105dBA
Frequency 50Hz & 60Hz
Blades 60m
Technology Model based controls, low noise trailing edge, energy storage enabled, weak grid support

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GE Introduces 3.2-103 Brilliant Wind Turbine for UK, Ireland and Turkey.