2.0-2.4 MW Platform

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Introducing the 2MW Platform

A Customizable Platform to Enhance Siting Efficiency

GE's 2MW Platform: Customizable Turbines to Enhance Siting Efficiency

GE’s 2.2-2.4MW, 107m rotor wind turbine is an advanced evolution of the 1.x series, providing a 35% increase in Annual Energy Production (AEP) over its predecessor, the 1.85-87 (at a 2.4 rating). Designed for medium wind speeds, the 2.2-2.4MW turbine provides a 51% increase in swept area with the 107m rotor, and an extra 350-450 kW output at rated wind speed compared to the 1.85-87 turbine, improving project economics for wind developers. GE’s proprietary Advanced Loads Control combines drive train sensors with Mark* VIe turbine controller capabilities to individually pitch blades and improve loads handling performance.

GE’s 2.0-2.3MW, 116m rotor wind turbine offers a 27% increase in swept area when compared to the 1.7-103 turbine, resulting in a 26% increase in Annual Energy Production (AEP) at 7.5 m/s (at a 2.3 rating). This increase in blade swept area allows greater energy capture and improved project economics for wind developers. GE’s 2.0-116 turbine has a 53.3% gross capacity factor at 7.5 m/s, a class leading performance. GE’s proprietary 56.9 meter blade is designed specifically for the 2.0-2.3MW rating of this platform, enabling longer length, lower loads and improved performance.

GE’s stringent design procedures result in a turbine engineered for high performance and availability. The use of selected components from both the 1.x and 2.x platforms ensures the consistent workhorse performance and reliability that GE wind turbines are known for. The 2.0-2.4MW platform utilizes the same drivetrain and electrical system architecture as GE’s 1.x series, with both systems scaled and upgraded to provide improved performance along with greater wind turbine energy production. Other critical components have been scaled from the existing platforms to meet the specific technical requirements of this evolutionary turbine design.

Ensuring consistent performance, reliability and efficiency, GE’s new 2.0-2.4MW platform of wind turbines is an advanced evolution of the 1.x platform series, scaling and developing 1.x platform electrical system upgrades to increase the rating of the turbine from 1.7 MW to range from 2.0-2.4 MW, allowing higher energy production.

About the 2MW Platform

Class: IEC IIs/IIIs

Hub Heights


Tip Heights

133.6, 138.4, 147.3, 152.1


105-107.5 dBA


50Hz & 60Hz


53.6 and 58.4m


Advanced loads control, vortex generators


  • Higher AEP than its 1.x predecessors by incorporating a larger gearbox scaled from GE’s 2.x platform and longer 52.2 meter blades
  • 30% increase in Annual Energy Production over its predecessor the 1.85-87

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