• 100 meter rotor is equivalent to a 33-story building
  • Weighs as much as approximately 10 school buses
  • 1.7-100 is part of GE’s brilliant fleet
  • Tens of thousands of data points analyzed every second

GE’s 1.7-100/103

GE’s 1.7-100/103 wind turbine offers a 47% increase in swept area when compared to GE’s 1.6-82.5 turbine, resulting in a 24% increase in Annual Energy Production (AEP) at 7.5 m/s.

This increase in blade swept area allows greater energy capture and improved project economics for wind developers. The 1.7-100/103 uses GE’s proprietary 48.7-meter blade which has the same proven aerodynamic shape as the blades found on the 2.5-100.

Technical Drawing of 1.7-100    Technical Drawing of 1.7-103


About the 1.7-100/103

Class: IEC TC IIIs
1.7-100 Hub Heights 80m, 96m(60Hz only)
1.7-100 Tip Heights 130m, 146m
1.7-103 Hub Heights 80m/96m
1.7-103 Tip Heights 131.5m
Noise 107dBA, 105dBA with low noise trailing edge technology
Frequency 50Hz and 60Hz
1.7-100 Blades 48.7m
1.7-103 Blades 50.2m
Technology Model based controls, low noise trailing edge, vortex generators, weak grid support