Digital Wind Farm

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The Next Evolution of Wind is Here

Meet the Digital Wind Farm: a Dynamic, Connected, and Adaptable Wind Energy Ecosystem

The world’s first Digital Wind Farm

Offered as a part of GE's expanded services agreements, the Digital Wind Farm is a comprehensive hardware and software solution comprised of our customizable 2MW and 3MW wind turbine products, and a suite of applications, built on the Predix* software platform, that brings new value to your wind farm. This added wind project value begins with our newest hardware, including an assortment of rotor diameters, tower heights and turbine ratings. Modular turbine technology enables us to vary turbine parameters to meet pad-specific conditions and economics.

The software component of the Digital Wind Farm is build on the Predix platform, which provides a digital infrastructure for your wind farm, enabling you to collect, visualize and analyze unit and site level data. Through the constant collection of this data-- weather, component information, service reports and performance of similar models throughout the GE fleet-- a predictive model is built and data is turned into actional insights. These models serve as the basis of our new suite of applications, allowing wind farm operators to optimize maintenance strategy, improve reliability and availability and increase annual energy production.

Take a look at our new suite of applications:

Behind the Scenes: GE’s Remote Operations Centers  

Revolutionizing the wind industry takes a large team. Take a virtual tour to learn more about our Remote Operations Centers and a few of the people that help bring the Digital Wind Farm to life.

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Digital Wind Farm Solutions

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Digital Wind Farm 101

By pairing our latest hardware with robust software applications, GE is enhancing wind turbine, wind farm and wind fleet performance and transforming the industry. Learn more about the Digital Wind Farm from the items below:


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Whether you're just getting started on your digital journey or looking to take your fleet to the next level with big data, get in touch today with GE experts to discover how we can help. 

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Our new application offerings are improving reliability and availability, optimizing maintenance strategy and increasing annual energy production. Learn more about each new app from the fact sheets below:

The Digital Wind Farm Revealed: Hover Over the Photo to Explore

Videos: The Digital Wind Farm in Action

What if Your Wind Farm Could Talk?

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Wind PowerUp: an E.ON and GE Story

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