Tapping the Potential in the Tides

With the ability to be optimized for various site conditions, our tidal turbine platform ensures higher efficiency and enhanced industrialization as well as streamlined operation and maintenance.

Expanding upon the 1.4 MW 3-blade machine with an 18m rotor diameter, The Oceade 1.4-18, has a rotor diameter scalable up to 23m, enabling you to select the best size to fit the specific conditions of your site.

As a solutions provider, GE focuses on whole system performance to meet customers’ need and improve tidal farm economics

Product Features

  • Engineered for optimized industrialization and maintenance
  • Integrated the power conversion  in the nacelle to ease connection of multiple turbines into a single cable, eliminating the need for additional subsea containment for power electronics.
  • A yawing nacelle, based on proven technology, to face the oncoming tide and maximize energy extraction while minimizing structural loads and wake effects.
  • Pitching blades to control load on the turbine and optimize responce to local tidal conditions.
  • Rear hatch for enhanced maintainability.
  • Buoyant nacelle, allowing for easy spare turbine swap and maximizing availability.


Up to +20% capacity factors with up to 23+ meter rotor diameters to fit various tidal conditions

Easy and flexible retrieval



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