Tower Direct Steam Concentrated Solar Power

CSP: Tower Direct Steam

GE’s direct steam Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology is adaptable for a variety of project types and sizes, including hybrid power generation and all-solar power plants. The direct steam CSP solution is well-suited for hybrid and retrofit projects with gas, coal and PV plants and can be combined, for further value, with GE's energy storage systems, turbines, turbogenerators for optimized and highly efficient power plants.  

GE’s efficient and high-performance CSP plant employs our largest Solar Receiver Steam Generator (SRSG), a crucial component for an optimized solar field and power block.

GE’s unique SRSG features and advantages

  • High-enthalpy steam parameters (585°C and 193 bar) for best power plant efficiency
  • Largest Solar Central Receiver (660MWth)
  • Low parasitic load to minimize operating expenses

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