Geothermal Power Plants & Turbines

Geothermal Energy

We are on the cutting-edge of geothermal innovation, with an extensive portfolio of proven technologies, combined with the ability to create custom solutions for the most challenging applications.

GE's geothermal power plants provide steady output that can help to stabilize the grid amid fluctuations in demand. Our solutions can adapt to the expected range of steam conditions over the power plant lifetime. We can provide tailored, customized solutions ranging from small to large plants and single components, to full turnkey solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Steady, reliable output
  • Potential to exploit vast, untapped reserves
  • Flexibility to respond easily to changes in demand, regardless of weather conditions
  • Independence from costly fossil fuels
  • Low cost per MW and very low CO2 tax costs

Flexible Configurations

  • Small plants (15-35 MW): Layouts using single flow turbine modules
  • Medium plants (35-65 MW): Layout options based on single-flow module in 50 Hz or double-flow module in 60 Hz
  • Large plants (65-135 MW): Layouts based on a double-flow turbine configuration"

Product Features

  • Plant layout and component design protects auxiliary and electrical systems
  • Water traps drain excessive steam condensation between each turbine stage
  • Triple control security prevents backflow from the condenser to the turbine
  • The GE Distributed Control System (DCS) minimizes false alarms and maximizes plant protection
  • Constructed with special steel alloys and heat-treated to protect against corrosion

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