Energy Storage Technology

The GE Advantage

GE is making energy storage systems economic and competitive through differentiated technology expertise. There is not one system solution for all energy storage needs. GE looks at each project individually to figure out what the best solution is for a particular site.

As solutions provider, GE focuses on full system performance rather than individual component pieces, allowing customers to match power production with power demand in real-time and utilize grid assets more efficiently.

GE’s differentiated technology expertise includes:

    · We use modeling expertise to identify anticipated battery performance and value analysis to forecast grid performance and expected profitability.

    · As a world leader in control systems, we offer GE's enhanced Mark*VI controls for grid connected systems with years of experience in wind, thermal and hydro.

    · We have power electronics and a proud history of supplying AC hardware, including GE Brilliance* MW inverters, transformers and medium-voltage switchgear equipment, to global utility customers.

    · GE has a deep technical understanding of all cell designs, thermal management, and other key battery-related elements, ensuring that customers receive the best batteries for the job.

    · GE provides system enclosures, which are designed to help optimize battery life and performance via fit-for-purpose, or enclosures specifically designed for certain systems. The modular buildings make servicing easier and reduce downtime.








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