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Shifting the Winds in Your Favor
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Shifting the Winds in Your Favor

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Every customer is different and every project is unique. GE's energy storage team specializes in bringing the right technologies together to configure custom solutions to meet a variety of needs. We work with our customers to match the right mix of technology with their application so they can get the maximum value out of their system.  Energy storage can help grid assets work better and more efficiently in a variety of applications, including:


Energy Management


Storage systems can help reduce cost and regulate energy during peak demand times, assist with photo-voltaic (PV) self-consumption (energy used directly in the building where a PV system is located) and improve overall power quality. 

Transmission and Distribution


Energy storage solutions can contribute to capacity management, asset deferral, frequency regulation, harmonic suppression, voltage support and power quality. 



Microgrid applications can assist with grid management, PV integration and grid optimization. 

Thermal and Renewable Power


With thermal and renewable power sources, energy storage can support virtual spin (resulting in no emissions), ramp rate control, frequency regulation, time shifting voltage support and curtailment avoidance. 

Getting Current

The Energy Storage solutions team is now a part of Current.  Current, powered by GE, will meet the unique needs of a wide range of utility, Commercial & Industrial and municipal customers and provide them with Predix enabled hardware and software they need to be more reliable, efficient, and profitable. Current will deliver a combination of financing with GE's physical and digital capabilities across energy efficiency, solar, storage, and onsite power.

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