Reduced lead times and costs

Our standard configuration results in reduced lead times and costs, making the small hydro turbine portfolio an ideal choice for plant operators.

Vertical Kaplan Family

Vertical Kaplan turbines provide high efficiency over a broad range of heads and discharge rates.


For heads up to 50 m; output up to 30 MW

GE's vertical axis double-regulated Kaplan solutions are compact units that cover the greatest range of power and discharge rates. The KV turbine is engineered with numerous capabilities that make it adaptable to specific project and site constraints.



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Bulb Family

GE’s Bulb turbines are ideal for run-of-river projects with high to very high discharges and are engineered to withstand significant head and discharge variations, making them an ideal solution for a range of projects.

Bulb Turbines

For heads up to 15 m; output up to 20 MW

GE’s Bulb solutions are among the world’s most reliable. Furthermore, the latest developments in hydraulic profile configuration ensure peak efficiency through significant discharge variations.

PIT Turbines

For heads up to 20 m; output up to 25 MW

PIT turbines are an evolution of the Bulb family that are specifically engineered for small hydro applications. PIT solutions use a gearbox to increase speed and allow alternative positioning of the generator. This enables smooth, cost efficient installation and maintenance.

S-type Family

GE's S-type turbines are an evolution of traditional Kaplan turbines specifically developed for small hydro applications.  Our scalable S-type solutions are based on standard, proven designs, which increase reliability and cost-effectiveness.  


For heads up to 40 m; output up to 25 MW

SAM is GE's upstream elbow, the latest evolution of S-type solutions.  Featuring a horizontal axis, straight draft tube and double regulated turbine directly coupled to the generator, the solution is ideal for run-of-river, low height dam projects, with high discharge rates and wide variations in head and discharge.  


For heads up to 25 m; output up to 10 MW

Whether you are enhancing an existing project or developing a new project with space constraints, a SAXO turbine is an ideal solution.  

Francis Family

Francis turbines are the most widely used and efficient turbines in the world. GE has commissioned more than 130 units up to 30 MW in the last decade. Our complete range of standardized Francis turbines offer unequaled efficiency levels and reduced cavitation risk.


Francis Horizontal Single Discharge (FHS)

For heads up to 350 m; output up to 15 MW

The FHS solution reduces civil works and turbine-generator submergence and provides easy access for maintenance and simplified construction.

Francis Horizontal Double discharge (FHD)

Heads up to 100 m; output up to 20 MW

The FHD is similar in configuration to the single discharge arrangement but better suited to projects with higher discharges.

Francis Vertical Arrangement (FV)

Heads up to 400 m; output up to 30 MW

The FV is an ideally suited solution for large plants a high power output.


Pelton Family

GE's Pelton turbines are the model of choice for high heads, fast response times and rapid power output adjustment. Pelton turbines are ideal for peak production, ancillary services such as network frequency and voltage regulation, reactive power production and reserve generating capacity.

Vertical 4-6 Jet Pelton (PV)

For heads up to 1000 m; output up to 30 MW

Our PV turbines deliver high power and, with their multi-jet arrangement, are suitable for a wide operating range.

Horizontal 2 Jet Pelton (PH)

For heads up to 1000 m; output up to 25 MW

GE's PH turbines are engineered to remain cost-effective in for a variety of projects and conditions.