Pelton Hydro Turbine

Pelton Hydro Turbines

Based on vast field experience, GE offers vertical shaft machines equipped with multi-jet collectors for an output up to ~350 MW and with runner diameters up to 4m.

Product Features

We provide horizontal shaft single or double runner Pelton turbines with one or two jets. These turbines operate economically with the lowest discharges.


GE-patented Hooped Pelton runners design, with buckets supported by two separate hoops, minimizes stress at bucket fixation, reducing inspection and maintenance costs, and increasing plant availability.

High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) hard coating

High Veloicty Oxy Fuel hard coating technology is well-suited to Pelton runners. The coating is mechanically sprayed onto all surface areas to reduce abrasion and fatigue. The application technique creates a high-density coating with strong bonding capabilities.

Hydraulic Engineering

GE analyzes flow dynamics to adjust the turbine configuration in areas that are prone to erosion with the help of digital simulation tools that predict the effects of silt abrasion on turbine performance. 

Reference Projects

Ji Sha (China), 2005 - 2 x 61.5 MW Hooped Runner - Head: 485 m.

Daï Ninh (Vietnam), 2007 - 2 x 153 MW - Head: 627 m.

Vishnupravag (India), 2006 - 4 x 103 MW - Head: 914 m.

Yele (China), 2000 - 2 x 122.5 MW - Head: 580 m.

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