• 90 seconds from idle to full power generation
  • Increased plant efficiency and reduced friction losses by up to 5% with hydrostatic water guide bearings


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This outstanding market recognition is the result of sustained R&D efforts that have led to continuous technological improvements. These are the cornerstones that have guaranteed the high availability and stability of our motor generators over several decades.


Motor generator units are subject to numerous thermal cycles and high centrifugal forces and need to withstand potential fault disturbances such as short circuits. Taking into account these requirements which are particularly important for peak-load units, we incorporate the following features in our design of motor generators:

  • Structural design with oblique elements
  • State-of-the-art thrust bearings
  • Permanent pre-stressed stator core
  • VPI insulation system and slot ripple spring (even under extreme operating conditions)
  • Self ventilated rotor rim (standard or high speed design)
  • Bent pole coils (for easier assembly and better surface cooling)