Isolated Phase Busducts for Hydropower Plants

Enerbus Isolated Phase Busducts 

The global solution for quality and performance, GE's Enerbus Isolated Phase Busducts connect the turbine generator to the main transformer.

Product features

  • Nominal current up to 52,000 A (world record)
  • Power plant capability up to 1,600 MW
  • Short-circuit withstand current up to 1,200,000 A
  • Easy access to insulators for maintenance


Key benefits

Plant efficiency

Minimizing losses to maximize plant efficiency, Enerbus is engineered to limit loss in the steel structures adjacent to the enclosure and in the concrete reinforcement.

Power availability

Configured to fit the most stringent power plant environments and withstand the highest short circuit current, our technology can adapt to specific generator and grid constraints.

Power quality

GE has been developing its global manufacturing capability for plant busbars to increase power quality with over 50 years of experience; producing over 1,100 connections delivered to date.


Reference Projects

Merowe (Sudan) - 10 x 140 MVA

Dai Ninh (Vietnam) - 2 x 153 MW

Bakun (Malaysia) - 4 x 300 MW

Afourar (Morocco) - 471.6 MW

Chicoasen (Mexico) - 3 x 318 MW

GM Shrum (Canada) - 10 x 273 MW

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